Monday, November 28

Would that things will happen?
Would you be my husband?
Would you spent all your time with me?
In my dreams, all those thing will not going to happen bebehh. You ask me to go far far away from you 

me : suruhla sy buat apa saje, apa saje asalkan awk maafkan sy dan sy dpt
tebus kesalahan sy pada awak :'(
you : pergi jauh drpd sy

Our love story changed so quickly my dear, why am I do such that things to you?
Why I didn't stick with our love when you so loyal towards me?
I know I'm not a good partner for you.
I'm promise you I will loyal towards this love even when I have to stay away from you
It's hard for you to trust me, I'm cheating you. I'm cheating you for the third times baby
I really sorry. I'm going to miss you. Don't forget me, I'm begged
Take care of yourself :')